New Release

☙  “Among the Stars” in the Something Lost anthology Buy now on Amazon!


☙  “Ethical Will” in Unspun: A Collection of Tattered Tales.  Buy now on Amazon!


☙  Swan and Shadow: A Swan Lake Story (Cedar Fort, 2016)
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☙  Get Your Book Published.: 10 Authors. 10 True Stories. 10 Ways to Get Your Book Published. (Authors Publish, 2016)

Short Fiction   

☙  Branch 9 3/4 (Mormon Lit Blitz finalist)

Iron Doves: A Charity Anthology (Find my science-fiction fantasy under the title of “Just One Chance.”  All proceeds go to domestic violence prevention.)

Personal Non-fiction 

☙ Misplaced Keys The story of how I received the piano that my mother grew up with.

☙ Guest Post: Arise Up (Segullah.org, Jan 9 2016)

☙ The Power of Unless (Meridian Magazine, 2017)

☙ Struggling With Self-Injury (iEmily.com, 2009)

☙ Being A Religious Minority (iEmily.com, 2009)


☙ Ten Tips For A Successful NaNoWriMo (Authors Publish, Oct 29 2013)

☙ The Pros & Cons of NaNoWriMo (Authors Publish, Oct 21 2013

☙ What Gail Carson Levine Taught Me About Writing (Authors Publish, Aug 19 2013)

☙ Don’t Fear The Reaper (or How To Kill Your Darlings) (Authors Publish, Jul 15 2013)

☙ Kaki Olsen’s WhatCulture page