The Latest and Greatest News

New Year, New Style

Welcome to 2018!  Last year was full of teaching and traveling.  This year, I have dates of release for two projects and will keep you updated on the rest.  If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, you can also check out my Twitter or Facebook pages.  I’m even on Instagram.

Coming Up

Keep an eye out on the writing page.  I’ve just signed a contract for a piece that’s part Apollo 13, part Jodi Picoult.  (High drama, some sci-fi.)  I’ll be posting release dates for that and an anthology of fairy tale sequels that features my interpretation of what happened after the curtain closed on The Nutcracker.  (I know.  So much ballet, so little time.)  I’ve also started working with a brilliant artist on possible concept or cover art for the dragon-smuggling android story that I published last year.  And finally, I’ve added my On the Shelf page for updates on what I’m currently reading.