The Latest and Greatest News

Happy Publication Eve!

March 21 is when Something Lost comes out on Kindle.  You can find a link and the info on my writing page.  Meanwhile, Unspun:  A collection of tattered tales comes out next month.  I’m back from vacation with a mild sunburn and fond memories of the beach and getting ready for Camp NaNoWrimo.

Coming Up

Keep an eye out for the cover reveal and release date for Unspun.  After Ever After, the publisher, is aiming for the first week in April, so I’ll have news for you soon.  In May, my favorite blogger Jorie will be re-featuring Swan and Shadow on her site.  (She’s the one who famously interviewed me about things that left me going ‘Um…let me look up what you probably mean by that.’ and interviewed me for Sci-fi November on Twitter.)